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Clinical Psychology in Transition: Taking Responsibility and Broadening the Scope (2023) Weise C, Rief W Journal article Selected Trends in Psychotherapy Research: An Index Analysis of RCTs (2022) Rief W, Kopp M, Awarzamani R, Weise C Journal article Make a Wish – What Are the Wishes for Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment? (2021) Rief W, Weise C Journal article Description of a culture-sensitive, low-threshold psychoeducation intervention for asylum seekers (tea garden) (2021) Mewes R, Giesebrecht J, Weise C, Grupp F Journal article, Original article Reporting cultural adaptation in psychological trials - The recapt criteria (2021) Heim E, Mewes R, Ramia JA, Glaesmer H, Hall B, Shehadeh MH, Ünlü B, et al. Journal article Special issue editorial: Cultural adaption of psychological interventions (2021) Heim E, Weise C Journal article, Review article Lifetime Trauma History and Cognitive Functioning in Major Depression and Their Role for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Outcome (2021) Schindler L, Stalder T, Kirschbaum C, Plessow F, Schoenfeld S, Hoyer J, Trautmann S, et al. Journal article Increased anxiety of public situations during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from a community and a patient sample (2021) Pittig A, Glück VM, Boschet JM, Wong AH, Engelke P Journal article, Original article This is not a christmas editorial! (2020) Weise C, Rief W Journal article Some guidelines for reporting national regulations on clinical psychology for papers in the section "politics and education" of cpe (2019) Laireiter AR, Rief W, Weise C Journal article