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A benchmark case for aeroacoustic simulations involving fluid-structure-acoustic interaction transferred from the process of human phonation (2024) Schoder S, Falk S, Wurzinger A, Lodermeyer A, Becker S, Kniesburges S Journal article Experimental investigation of flow-induced sound of kite lines (2023) Saur L, Riedel J, Dunker S, Becker S Journal article Overview on state-of-the-art numerical modeling of the phonation process (2023) Döllinger M, Zhang Z, Schoder S, Šidlof P, Tur B, Kniesburges S Journal article, Review article Aerodynamic and aeroacoustic properties of axial fan blades with slitted leading edges (2022) Ocker C, Czwielong F, Chaitanya P, Pannert W, Becker S Journal article Acoustic analysis of professional singing masks (2022) Tur B, Echternach M, Turowski S, Müller M, Koeberlein M, Döllinger M, Kniesburges S Journal article Spatial audio signal processing for binaural reproduction of recorded acoustic scenes - review and challenges (2022) Rafaely B, Tourbabin V, Habets E, Ben-Hur Z, Lee H, Gamper H, Arbel L, et al. Journal article, Review article Applicability of two hybrid sound prediction methods for assessing in-duct sound absorbers of turbocharger compressors (2022) Freidhager C, Schoder S, Maurerlehner P, Renz A, Becker S, Kaltenbacher M Journal article Sound reduction in heat exchanger modules by integrating plate absorbers with sub-millimeter openings (2021) Czwielong F, Floss S, Kaltenbacher M, Becker S Journal article, Original article Design of an in-duct micro-perforated panel absorber for axial fan noise attenuation (2021) Floss S, Czwielong F, Kaltenbacher M, Becker S Journal article Numerical investigation of the fluid structure acoustics interaction on a simplified car model (2021) Nusser K, Becker S Journal article, Original article