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Surface modification of TiO2 nanotubes via pre-loaded hydroxyapatite towards enhanced bioactivity (2024) Mazare AV, Hwang I, Tesler A Journal article Multi-functional PDMS/MMT Coating on magnesium substrates: Hydrophobicity, durability, and EMI shielding (2024) Duan C, Han L, Yang G, Schubert DW, Zhang T Journal article Corrosion behaviour of electropolished magnesium materials (2024) Kloiber J, Schultheiß U, Sotelo L, Sarau G, Christiansen S, Gavras S, Hort N, Hornberger H Journal article Dielectric properties of unidirectional and biaxial flax/epoxy composites at frequencies up to 1 GHz (2023) Baron P, Lenz P, Koch KP, Wittmann A, Fischer G Journal article, Original article Synergistic effect in Tragacanth Gum-Ceftriaxone hybrid system as an environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in acidic solutions (2023) Barrodi MR, Mirzaee A, Kafashan A, Zahedifard S, Majidi HJ, Davoodi A, Hosseinpour S Journal article Glass formation, physical and structural investigation studies of the (90-x) Sb2O3-10WO(3)-xNaPO(3) glasses (2022) Guesmia N, Hamzaoui M, Beghdadi L, Soltani MT, de Ligny D Journal article Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) materials based on amorphous poly(methyl methacrylate) with ultrahigh PTC intensity, tunable switching temperature and good reproducibility (2022) Luo X, Schubert DW Journal article A comprehensive study on recycled and virgin PET melt-spun fibers modified by PMDA chain extender (2021) Qu M, Lu D, Deng H, Wu Q, Han L, Xie Z, Qin Y, Schubert DW Journal article All methacrylate block copolymer/TiO2 nanocomposite via ATRP and in-situ sol-gel process (2020) Gnanaseelan M, Kalita U, Janke A, Pionteck J, Voit B, Singha NK Journal article High permeation and antifouling polysulfone ultrafiltration membranes with in situ synthesized silica nanoparticles (2020) Li X, Janke A, Formanek P, Fery A, Stamm M, Tripathi BP Journal article