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Changes in Gravitaxis and Gene-Expression in an Euglena gracilis Culture over Time (2024) Krüger J, Richter P, Stoltze J, Prasad B, Strauch S, Krüger M, Nasir A, Lebert M Journal article Neutrophils in HNSCC Can Be Associated with Both a Worse or Favorable Prognosis (2024) Brunkhorst H, Schnellhardt S, Büttner-Herold M, Daniel C, Fietkau R, Distel L Journal article In Silico Study of Camptothecin-Based Pro-Drugs Binding to Human Carboxylesterase 2 (2024) Beierlein F, Horn A, Sticht H, Mokhir A, Imhof P Journal article Identification of miR-128 Target mRNAs That Are Expressed in B Cells Using a Modified Dual Luciferase Vector (2023) Schreiber S, Daum P, Danzer H, Hauke M, Jäck HM, Wittmann J Journal article Exome Survey and Candidate Gene Re-Sequencing Identifies Novel Exstrophy Candidate Genes and Implicates LZTR1 in Disease Formation (2023) Köllges R, Stegmann J, Schneider S, Waffenschmidt L, Fazaal J, Breuer K, Hilger AC, et al. Journal article Molecular Targets in Campylobacter Infections (2023) Heimesaat MM, Backert S, Alter T, Bereswill S Journal article, Review article Evolution and Role of Proteases in Campylobacter jejuni Lifestyle and Pathogenesis (2023) Linz B, Sharafutdinov I, Tegtmeyer N, Backert S Journal article, Review article Interplay of Hydration and Protonation Dynamics in the K-Channel of Cytochrome c Oxidase (2022) Gorriz RF, Imhof P Journal article Shortened Hinge Design of Fab x sdAb-Fc Bispecific Antibodies Enhances Redirected T-Cell Killing of Tumor Cells (2022) Huang S, Segues A, Waterfall M, Wright D, Vayssiere C, Van Duijnhoven SMJ, Van Elsas A, et al. Journal article Biosensor-Integrated Drug Delivery Systems as New Materials for Biomedical Applications (2022) Cicha I, Priefer R, Severino P, Souto EB, Jain S Journal article, Review article
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