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Development of an advanced multiwavelength emission detector for the analytical ultracentrifuge (2024) Lautenbach V, Onishchukov G, Wawra S, Frank U, Hartmann L, Peukert W, Walter J Journal article Green room temperature synthesis of silver-gold alloy nanoparticles (2023) Traore N, Uttinger M, Cardenas Lopez P, Drobek D, Gromotka L, Schmidt J, Walter J, et al. Journal article, Original article Targeted color design of silver-gold alloy nanoparticles (2023) Traore N, Spruck C, Uihlein A, Pflug L, Peukert W Journal article STM-induced ring closure of vinylheptafulvene molecular dipole switches on Au(111) (2022) Au-Yeung KH, Kuehne T, Aiboudi O, Sarkar S, Guskova O, Ryndyk DA, Heine T, et al. Journal article Reversible magnetism switching of iron oxide nanoparticle dispersions by controlled agglomeration (2021) Müssig S, Kuttich B, Fidler F, Haddad D, Wintzheimer S, Kraus T, Mandel K Journal article Anisotropic silicon nanowire arrays fabricated by colloidal lithography (2021) Rey M, Wendisch FJ, Görlitzer E, Tang J, Bader R, Bourret GR, Vogel N Journal article Accessing local electron-beam induced temperature changes during in situ liquid-phase transmission electron microscopy (2021) Fritsch B, Hutzler A, Wu M, Khadivianazar S, Vogl L, Jank MPM, März M, Spiecker E Journal article, Letter In situlaser annealing as pathway for the metal free synthesis of tailored nanographenes (2021) Milotti V, Melle-Franco M, Steiner AK, Verbitskii I, Amsharov K, Pichler T Journal article Photoelectrochemical performance of facet-controlled TiO2nanosheets grown hydrothermally on FTO (2021) Shahvardanfard F, Cha G, Denisov N, Osuagwu B, Schmuki P Journal article Ordered SnO2 nanotube arrays of tuneable geometry as a lithium ion battery material with high longevity (2020) Zhuo Y, Tymek S, Sun H, Barr M, Santinacci L, Bachmann J Journal article