Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering

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Innovative Hybrid Halbach Array for Steering Magnetic Nanoparticles Through a Bifurcation (2023) Thalmayer A, Fischer G Journal article, Original article Wall-less Flow Phantoms with 3D printed Soluble Filament for Ultrasonic Experiments (2023) Huber C, Lyer S, Ermert H, Heim C, Rupitsch SJ, Ullmann I Journal article Deep Learning by Domain Transfer for Early Tumor Detection in the Urinary Bladder (2023) Eixelberger T, Kruck S, Belle S, Kriegmair M, Bolenz C, Maisch P, Wittenberg T Journal article Identification of Surgical Instruments Using a Low Frequency Magnetic Field (2023) Ibrahim I, Draeger T, Wittenberg T Journal article Machine-based emotion-Assessment in waiting rooms-a feasibility and acceptance study (2023) Binz E, Seuß D, Pahl J, Ko YD, Wittenberg T Journal article A CNN-BiLSTM Deep Learning Model for Automatic Scoring of EEG Signals (2023) Elmoaqet H, Eid M, Ryalat M, Penzel T Journal article Training and education of young physicians and engineers in the field of endoscopy and laparoscopy-a review of Germany-wide joint cooperation and training possibilities (2023) Wichmann D, Duckwort-Mothes B, Hirt B, Wilhelm D, Steger J, Zweimüller M, Küllmer A, et al. Journal article Domain Transfer in Histopathology using Multi-ProtoNets with Interactive Prototype Adaptation (2023) Kletzander R, Kuritcyn P, Bruns V, Benz M, Eckstein M, Geppert CI, Hartmann A Journal article Prototype of a Coupling Device to Investigate Focused Ultrasound-Induced Inertial Cavitation for Drug Delivery Applications (2023) George B, Wittenbrink M, Rupitsch SJ, Savešk U, Koh C, Fischer D, Ermert H Journal article Lymph node metastases detection in Whole Slide Images using prototypical patterns and transformer-guided multiple instance learning (2023) Heinlein L, Benz M, Kuritcyn P, Bruns V, Hartmann A, Geppert CI, Keil F, et al. Journal article