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Assessing Cytotoxicity, Endotoxicity, and Blood Compatibility of Nanoscale Iron Oxide Magnetosomes for Biomedical Applications (2024) Mickoleit F, Pfister F, Friedrich B, Markert S, Kerpes A, Janko C, Lyer S, et al. Journal article Gram-Scale Continuous Flow Synthesis of Silver-on-Silica Patchy Nanoparticles with Widely Tunable Resonances for Plasmonics Applications (2023) Völkl A, Toutouly J, Drobek D, Apeleo Zubiri B, Spiecker E, Klupp Taylor R Journal article, Original article Green and Scalable Fractionation of Gold Nanoclusters by Anion Exchange Chromatography: Proof of Principle and Scale-Up (2023) Gromotka L, Lübbert C, Traore N, Peukert W Journal article Cu Nanowire Networks with Well-Defined Geometrical Parameters for Catalytic Electrochemical CO2 Reduction (2023) Ulrich N, Schäfer M, Römer M, Straub SD, Zhang S, Brötz J, Trautmann C, et al. Journal article Laser-Patterned Porous Carbon/ZnO Nanostructure Composites for Selective Room-Temperature Sensing of Volatile Organic Compounds (2023) Wang H, Jimenéz-Calvo P, Hepp M, Isaacs MA, Ogolla CO, Below-Lutz I, Butz B, Strauss V Journal article Characterization of functionalized chromatographic silica materials : Coupling water adsorption and intrusion with NMR-relaxometry (2023) Schlumberger C, Cuadrado Collados C, Söllner J, Huber C, Wisser D, Liu HF, Chang CK, et al. Journal article Al2O3/Covalent Organic Framework on 3D-Printed Nanocarbon Electrodes for Enhanced Biomarker Detection (2022) Wang L, Ng S, Jyoti , Pumera M Journal article Spatial Control of Graphene Functionalization by Patterning a 2D Substrate: Implications for Graphene Based van-der-Waals Heterostructures (2022) Dierke T, Dasler D, Nagel T, Hauke F, Hirsch A, Maultzsch J Journal article Polyelectrolyte-Microgel-Templated Nickel-Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles for Oxidation Catalysis with o-Phenylenediamine as a Model Substrate (2022) Bernhardt S, Wagner M, Gröhn F Journal article Self-Assembled Au Nanoparticle Monolayers on Silicon in Two- and Three-Dimensions for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Sensing (2022) Bartschmid T, Farhadi A, Musso ME, Görlitzer E, Vogel N, Bourret GR Journal article
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