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A digital twin to overcome long-time challenges in photovoltaics (2024) Lüer L, Peters IM, Smith AS, Dorschky E, Eskofier B, Liers-Bergmann F, Franke J, et al. Journal article 18.2%-efficient ternary all-polymer organic solar cells with improved stability enabled by a chlorinated guest polymer acceptor (2023) Sun R, Wang T, Fan Q, Wu M, Yang X, Wu X, Yu Y, et al. Journal article Efficient, stable, and fully printed carbon-electrode perovskite solar cells enabled by hole-transporting bilayers (2023) Du T, Qiu S, Zhou X, Le Corre VM, Wu M, Dong L, Peng Z, et al. Journal article 29.9%-efficient, commercially viable perovskite/CuInSe2 thin-film tandem solar cells (2023) Liang H, Feng J, Rodríguez-Gallegos CD, Krause M, Wang X, Alvianto E, Guo R, et al. Journal article Industrial viability of single-component organic solar cells (2022) He Y, Li N, Heumüller T, Wortmann J, Hanisch B, Aubele A, Lucas S, et al. Journal article, Review article Revealing the strain-associated physical mechanisms impacting the performance and stability of perovskite solar cells (2022) Meng W, Zhang K, Osvet A, Zhang J, Gruber W, Forberich K, Meyer B, et al. Journal article Consensus statement: Standardized reporting of power-producing luminescent solar concentrator performance (2022) Yang C, Atwater HA, Baldo MA, Baran D, Barile CJ, Barr MC, Bates M, et al. Journal article, Editorial Storing energy with molecular photoisomers (2021) Wang Z, Erhart P, Li T, Zhang ZY, Sampedro D, Hu Z, Wegner HA, et al. Journal article, Review article The value of stability in photovoltaics (2021) Peters IM, Brabec C, Sinha P, Hauch J Journal article Large magnon-induced anomalous Nernst conductivity in single-crystal MnBi (2021) He B, Sahin C, Boona SR, Sales BC, Pan Y, Felser C, Flatte ME, Heremans JP Journal article
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