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“That's like therapy”—A qualitative study on socially disadvantaged women's views on the effects of a community-based participatory research project on their health and health behavior (2024) Kreiml V, Sauter A, Abu-Omar K, Eickmann S, Herrmann-Johns A Journal article Developing a policy brief on physical activity promotion for children and adolescents (2023) Messing S, Gelius P, Abu-Omar K, Marzi I, Beck F, Geidl W, Grüne E, et al. Journal article Self-rated health of university students in Germany–The importance of material, psychosocial, and behavioral factors and the parental socio-economic status (2023) Deindl C, Diehl K, Spallek J, Richter M, Schuttig W, Rattay P, Dragano N, Pischke CR Journal article Socio-economic inequalities in body mass index among preschool children: do sports programs in early childhood education and care centers make a difference? (2023) Mayer A, Herr RM, Klein T, Wiedemann E, Diehl K, Hoffmann S, Blume M, et al. Journal article Corrigendum: “For me, it's just a piece of freedom”—Increased empowerment through physical activity promotion among socially disadvantaged women(Front. Public Health, (2022), 10, (867626), 10.3389/fpubh.2022.867626) (2023) Sauter A, Herbert-Maul A, Abu-Omar K, Thiel A, Ziemainz H, Frahsa A, Linder S, Herrmann-Johns A Journal article, Erratum Interventions simultaneously promoting social participation and physical activity in community living older adults: A systematic review (2022) Tcymbal A, Abu-Omar K, Hartung V, Busskamp A, Comito C, Rossmann C, Meinzinger D, Reimers AK Journal article, Review article Evaluation of a clinical decision support system for detection of patients at risk after kidney transplantation (2022) Roller R, Mayrdorfer M, Duettmann W, Naik MG, Schmidt D, Halleck F, Hummel P, et al. Journal article Self-collection of capillary blood and saliva to determine COVID-19 vaccine immunogenicity in patients with immune-mediated inflammatory diseases and health professionals (2022) Schmetzer C, Vogt E, Stellar L, Godonou ET, Liphardt AM, Muehlensiepen F, Vuillerme N, et al. Journal article The use and future perspective of Artificial Intelligence—A survey among German surgeons (2022) Pecqueux M, Riediger C, Distler M, Oehme F, Bork U, Kolbinger FR, Schöffski O, et al. Journal article Co-creating physical activity interventions: Findings from a multiple case study using mixed methods (2022) Popp J, Grüne E, Carl J, Semrau J, Pfeifer K Journal article
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