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High deuteron and neutron yields from the interaction of a petawatt laser with a cryogenic deuterium jet (2023) Jiao X, Curry CB, Gauthier M, Chou HG, Fiuza F, Kim JB, Phan DD, et al. Journal article Dosimetric quantities and cell survival for spatially fractionated radiation therapy (2023) Ahmed M, Bicher S, Stewart RD, Bartzsch S, Schmid TE, Combs SE, Meyer J Journal article Characterization of a polychromatic microfocus X-ray fluorescence imaging setup with metallic contrast agents in a microphysiological tumor model (2023) Kumar K, Fachet M, Al-Maatoq M, Chakraborty A, Khismatrao RS, Oka SV, Staufer T, et al. Journal article Editorial: Future directions in novel laser source development: Dynamical properties, and beam manipulation (2022) Fu X, Euser T, Huang SW, Joly N, Xie S Journal article Electromagnetic tracking in interstitial brachytherapy: A systematic review (2022) Sauer B, Dürrbeck C, Bert C Journal article, Review article Chiral Magnetoacoustics (2022) Kuess M, Albrecht M, Weiler M Journal article, Review article Editorial: Capturing Biological Complexity and Heterogeneity Using Multidimensional MRI (2022) Bouhrara M, Hutter J, Benjamini D Journal article Optimal Resonances in Multiplex Neural Networks Driven by an STDP Learning Rule (2022) Yamakou M, Tran TD, Jost J Journal article Quantum Systems for Enhanced High Energy Particle Physics Detectors (2022) Doser M, Auffray E, Brunbauer FM, Frank I, Hillemanns H, Orlandini G, Kornakov G Journal article A Pili-Driven Bacterial Turbine (2022) Poenisch W, Zaburdaev V Journal article
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