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Synchronous force and Ca2+ measurements for repeated characterization of excitation-contraction coupling in human myocardium (2024) Sun Z, Lu K, Kamla C, Kameritsch P, Seidel T, Dendorfer A Journal article Zyxin is important for the stability and function of podocytes, especially during mechanical stretch (2024) Kliewe F, Siegerist F, Hammer E, Al-Hasani J, Amling TRJ, Hollemann JZE, Schindler M, et al. Journal article Human cytomegalovirus (CMV) dysregulates neurodevelopmental pathways in cerebral organoids (2024) Egilmezer E, Hamilton ST, Foster CS, Marschall M, Rawlinson WD Journal article Unraveling the hidden temporal range of fast β2-adrenergic receptor mobility by time-resolved fluorescence (2022) Balakrishnan A, Hemmen K, Choudhury S, Krohn JH, Jansen K, Friedrich M, Beliu G, et al. Journal article A genome-wide association study with tissue transcriptomics identifies genetic drivers for classic bladder exstrophy (2022) Mingardo E, Beaman G, Grote P, Nordenskjöld A, Newman W, Woolf AS, Eckstein M, et al. Journal article Tracking matricellular protein SPARC in extracellular vesicles as a non-destructive method to evaluate lipid-based antifibrotic treatments (2022) Zivko C, Fuhrmann K, Fuhrmann G, Luciani P Journal article Ethics, law, and politics in palaeontological research: The case of Myanmar amber (2022) Dunne E, Raja NB, Stewens PP, Zin-Maung-Maung-Thein , Zaw K Journal article, Review article Cystathionine β-synthase as novel endogenous regulator of lymphangiogenesis via modulating VEGF receptor 2 and 3 (2022) Hatami N, Büttner C, Bock F, Simfors S, Musial G, Reis A, Cursiefen C, Clahsen T Journal article Aion is a bistable anion-conducting channelrhodopsin that provides temporally extended and reversible neuronal silencing (2022) Rodriguez-Rozada S, Wietek J, Tenedini F, Sauter K, Dhiman N, Hegemann P, Soba P, Wiegert JS Journal article Evidence for postnatal neurogenesis in the human amygdala (2022) Röder S, Burkardt P, Rost F, Rode J, Brusch L, Coras R, Englund E, et al. Journal article
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