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Selected annotated instance segmentation sub-volumes from a large scale CT data-set of a historic aircraft (2024) Gruber R, Reims N, Hempfer A, Gerth S, Böhnel M, Fuchs T, Salamon M, Wittenberg T Journal article OCTDL: Optical Coherence Tomography Dataset for Image-Based Deep Learning Methods (2024) Kulyabin M, Zhdanov A, Nikiforova A, Stepichev A, Kuznetsova A, Ronkin M, Borisov V, et al. Journal article, Original article A Dataset of Electrical Components for Mesh Segmentation and Computational Geometry Research (2024) Scheffler B, Bründl P, Nguyen HG, Stoidner M, Franke J Journal article Shared metadata for data-centric materials science (2023) Ghiringhelli LM, Baldauf C, Bereau T, Brockhauser S, Carbogno C, Chamanara J, Cozzini S, et al. Journal article A comprehensive multi-domain dataset for mitotic figure detection (2023) Aubreville M, Wilm F, Stathonikos N, Breininger K, Donovan TA, Jabari S, Veta M, et al. Journal article Mobility recorded by wearable devices and gold standards: the Mobilise-D procedure for data standardization (2023) Palmerini L, Reggi L, Bonci T, Del Din S, Micó-Amigo ME, Salis F, Bertuletti S, et al. Journal article A dataset of 175k stable and metastable materials calculated with the PBEsol and SCAN functionals (2022) Schmidt J, Wang HC, Cerqueira TFT, Botti S, Marques MAL Journal article fastMRI+, Clinical pathology annotations for knee and brain fully sampled magnetic resonance imaging data (2022) Zhao R, Yaman B, Zhang Y, Stewart R, Dixon A, Knoll F, Huang Z, et al. Journal article Pan-tumor CAnine cuTaneous Cancer Histology (CATCH) dataset (2022) Wilm F, Fragoso M, Marzahl C, Qiu J, Puget C, Diehl L, Bertram CA, et al. Journal article Ancient Reef Traits, a database of trait information for reef-building organisms over the Phanerozoic (2022) Raja Schoob NB, Dimitrijevic D, Krause MC, Kießling W Journal article
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