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Omnidirectional endpoint force control through functional electrical stimulation (2023) Sierotowicz M, Castellini C Journal article An Algorithm for the Labeling and Interactive Visualization of the Cerebrovascular System of Ischemic Strokes (2022) Thamm F, Jürgens M, Taubmann O, Thamm A, Rist L, Ditt H, Maier A Journal article, Original article Robust learning-based x-ray image denoising-potential pitfalls, their analysis and solutions (2022) Hariharan SG, Kaethner C, Strobel N, Kowarschik M, Fahrig R, Navab N Journal article Deep Learning-based Extended Field of View Computed Tomography Image Reconstruction: Influence of Network Design on Image Estimation Outside the Scan Field of View (2022) Singh Khural B, Baer-Beck M, Fournie E, Stierstorfer K, Huang Y, Maier A Journal article, Original article Spectral-detector based x-ray absorptiometry (SDXA): In-vivo bone mineral density measurements in patients with and without osteoporotic fractures (2020) Laugerette A, Baum T, Gersing AS, Schwaiger BJ, Brown K, Frerking LC, Shapira N, et al. Journal article Liver lesion localisation and classification with convolutional neural networks: A comparison between conventional and spectral computed tomography (2020) Shapira N, Fokuhl J, Schultheiss M, Beck S, Kopp FK, Pfeiffer D, Dangelmaier J, et al. Journal article ECG derived feature combination versus single feature in predicting defibrillation success in out-of-hospital cardiac arrested patients (2018) Ivanovic M, Ring M, Baronio F, Calza S, Vukcevic V, Hadzievski L, Maluckov A, Eskofier B Journal article, Original article Restoration of Missing Data in Limited Angle Tomography Based on Helgason-Ludwig Consistency Conditions (2017) Huang Y, Huang X, Taubmann O, Xia Y, Haase V, Hornegger J, Lauritsch G, Maier A Journal article, Original article A post-processing algorithm for spectral CT material selective images using learned dictionaries (2017) Mechlem K, Allner S, Ehn S, Mei K, Braig E, Münzel D, Pfeiffer F, Noël PB Journal article Non-covalent modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes: Dispersion capabilities and interactions with bacteria (2016) Khazaee M, Ye D, Majumder A, Baraban L, Opitz J, Cuniberti G Journal article