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TCCIA: a comprehensive resource for exploring CircRNA in cancer immunotherapy (2024) Wang S, Xiong Y, Zhang Y, Wang H, Chen M, Li J, Luo P, et al. Journal article Treatment management for BRAF-mutant melanoma patients with tumor recurrence on adjuvant therapy: a multicenter study from the prospective skin cancer registry ADOREG (2023) Haist M, Stege H, Rogall F, Tan Y, von Wasielewski I, Klespe KC, Meier F, et al. Journal article Bispecific antibodies redirect synthetic agonistic receptor modified T cells against melanoma (2023) Maerkl F, Benmebarek MR, Keyl J, Cadilha BL, Geiger M, Karches C, Obeck H, et al. Journal article Accumulation of T-cell-suppressive PD-L1 high extracellular vesicles is associated with GvHD and might impact GvL efficacy (2023) Baur R, Karl F, Böttcher-Loschinski R, Stoll A, Völkl S, Gießl A, Flamann C, et al. Journal article IDENTIFICATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF CIRCULAR RNAS AS NOVEL PUTATIVE BIOMARKERS TO PREDICT THE SURVIVAL BENEFIT AMONG METASTATIC MELANOMA PATIENTS TREATED WITH ANTI-PD-1 MONOTHERAPY (2022) Zhou JG, Gaipl U, Ma H, Wang H Conference contribution Tripartite antigen-agnostic combination immunotherapy cures established poorly immunogenic tumors (2022) Borchmann S, Selenz C, Lohmann M, Ludwig H, Gassa A, Braegelmann J, Lohneis P, et al. Journal article Automated, scaled, transposon-based production of CAR T cells (2022) Lock D, Monjezi R, Brandes C, Bates S, Lennartz S, Teppert K, Gehrke L, et al. Journal article BISPECIFIC ANTIBODIES ENABLE SYNTHETIC AGONISTIC RECEPTOR T CELL THERAPY IN MELANOMA (2022) Benmebarek M, Maerkl F, Keyl J, Cadilha B, Geiger M, Karches C, Obeck H, et al. Conference contribution UNDERSTANDING HOW EPITOPE BINDING INFLUENCES ANTIBODY DEPENDENT COMPLEMENT ENGAGEMENT FOR THERAPY OF B-CELL MALIGNANCIES (2022) Bondza S, Buijs J, Lux A Conference contribution Time 2EVOLVE: predicting efficacy of engineered T-cells - how far is the bench from the bedside? (2022) Guedan S, Luu M, Ammar D, Barbao P, Bonini C, Bousso P, Buchholz CJ, et al. Journal article, Review article