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On the Controllability of Entropy Solutions of Scalar Conservation Laws at a Junction via Lyapunov Methods (2023) De Nitti N, Zuazua Iriondo E Journal article, Original article Boundary Controllability and Asymptotic Stabilization of a Nonlocal Traffic Flow Model (2021) Bayen A, Coron JM, De Nitti N, Keimer A, Pflug L Journal article Network Structured Kinetic Models of Social Interactions (2021) Burger M Journal article Joint model of probabilistic/robust (probust) constraints with application to gas network optimization (2020) Adelhütte D, Aßmann D, Gonzàlez Grandòn T, Gugat M, Heitsch H, Liers F, Henrion R, et al. Journal article, Original article A Mathematical Model of HIF-1 Regulated Cellular Energy Metabolism (2020) Bocharov G, Jäger W, Knoch J, Neuss-Radu M, Thiel M Journal article Exponential Stability for the Schlogl System by Pyragas Feedback (2020) Gugat M, Mateos M, Troeltzsch F Journal article Model and Discretization Error Adaptivity within Stationary Gas Transport Optimization (2018) Mehrmann V, Schmidt M, Stolwijk J Journal article A Priori Error Analysis for the Galerkin Finite Element Semi-discretization of a Parabolic System with Non-Lipschitzian Nonlinearity (2017) Knabner P, Rannacher R Journal article Preface: IWR Special Issue on Scientific Computing: Dedicated to Willi Jäger’s 75th Birthday (2017) Bock G, Capasso V, Neuss-Radu M, Phu HX Journal article, Editorial Derivation of an Effective Model for Metabolic Processes in Living Cells Including Substrate Channeling (2017) Gahn M, Neuss-Radu M, Knabner P Journal article, Original article