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Hydroclimate changes related to thermal state of the tropical Pacific in the northern coast of the South China Sea since ∼8000 cal yr B.P. (2022) Wu YQ, Yang XQ, Yin J, Fürsich F, Zhang TW, Liu CL Journal article First record of stable isotopes (δ13C, δ18O) and element ratios (Mg/Ca, Sr/Ca) of Middle to Late Jurassic belemnites from the Indian Himalayas and their potential for palaeoenvironmental reconstructions (2021) Alberti M, Fürsich F, Pandey DK, Andersen N, Garbe-Schönberg D, Bhosale S, Chaskar K, Habermann J Journal article Facies analysis and palaeoecology of the Jurassic Spiti Shale Formation in the Spiti area, Northern India (2021) Fürsich F, Alberti M, Pandey DK, Chaskar K, Bhosale S Journal article First steps in reconstructing Early Jurassic sea water temperatures in the Andean Basin of northern Chile based on stable isotope analyses of oyster and brachiopod shells (2019) Alberti M, Fürsich F, Andersen N Journal article Recurrent hardgrounds and their significance for intra-basinal correlations: a case study of upper Bathonian rocks from the western margin of the Indian craton (2018) Pandey DK, Fürsich F, Alberti M, Sharma JK, Swami N Journal article Trace fossils of an amalgamated storm-bed succession from the Jurassic of the Kachchh Basin, India: The significance of time-averaging in ichnology (2018) Fürsich F, Uchman A, Alberti M, Pandey DK Journal article Late Pleistocene to Holocene palaeoenvironmental changes documented by microfaunas and shell stable isotopes in the southern Pearl River delta plain, South China (2013) Liu Cl, Fürsich F, Wu J, Dong Yx, Yang T, Yin J Journal article High resolution ostracod records of borehole PRD05 and the late Quaternary palaeoenvironment in Pearl River Delta (2008) Liu Cl, Fürsich F, Dong Yx, Che XG, Zhuang C Journal article