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Publisher: Universitätsverlag Winter

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Negotiating between Traditional Irishness and Modern Global Identities: Narratives of Glocal Irish Community in Contemporary Fiction (2025) Henneböhl D Unpublished / Preprint The Representation of External and Internal Borders and Their Interaction with National Identity in Ali Smith's Seasonal Quartet (2023) Henneböhl D Journal article, Original article Reinforcing or Undermining Divisions between ‘Ordinary People’ and an ‘Educated Liberal Cosmopolitan Elite?’ (2023) Henneböhl D Journal article, Original article "Limits of Knowledge -- Knowledge of Limits. The Productiveness of Ignorance, Non-Knowledge and Agnotology in Anglophone Studies, Literature and Culture". (2022) Auguscik A, Broders S Journal article, Original article (Haunted) Cosmopolitan Places: World Literature, the Modern Ghost Story, and the Structure of Debt (2019) Maurits PJ Journal article, Original article Begehrte Texte: Literaturwissenschaft als Poetik des Unbewussten (Hamburg: Dr. Kovač, 2007) (2008) Krug C Other publication type Islands and Shipwrecks: John Fowles and the Enviroment (2007) Bayer G Journal article Rezension zu: Joybrato Mukherjee. English Ditransitive Verbs (2006) Mittmann B Journal article, Review article Neue Akzente für die Förderung geisteswissenschaftlicher Forschung (2005) Feldmann D, Verschragen J Journal article, Original article Das Graduiertenkolleg 'Kulturhermeneutik im Zeichen von Differenz und Transdifferenz' an der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (2003) Feldmann D, Habermann I Journal article, Original article