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Verification of some functional inequalities via polynomial optimization (2022) Fantuzzi G Conference contribution Compositional Verification of Non-Blockingness with Prioritised Events (2022) Tang Y, Moor T Conference contribution Multilevel Selective Harmonic Modulation by Duality (2022) Biccari U, Zuazua Iriondo E Journal article Optimizing methane and methanol production from integrated steelworks process off-gases through economic hybrid model predictive control (2022) Dettori S, Matino I, Iannino V, Colla V, Hauser A, Wolf-Zoellner P, Haag S Conference contribution Automated positive end-expiratory pressure titration during mechanical ventilation (2021) Von Platen P, Pomprapa A, Lohse A, Leonhardt S, Pickerodt PA, Russ M, Taher M, et al. Conference contribution Parallel iterative methods for variational integration applied to navigation problems (2021) Ferraro SJ, Martin De Diego D, Sato Martin de Almagro R Conference contribution Dynamic Extension for Adaptive Backstepping Control of Uncertain Pure-Feedback Systems (2021) Triska L, Portella J, Reger J Conference contribution A Reactive Synthesis Approach to Supervisory Control of Terminating Processes (2020) Schmuck AK, Moor T, Schmidt KW Conference contribution An Efficient Algorithm for the Computation of the Controllability Prefix of (*)-Languages (2020) Moor T, Schmidt KW, Schmuck AK Conference contribution Top-Down Nested Supervisory Control of State-Tree Structures Based on State Aggregations (2020) Wang X, Moor T, Li Z Conference contribution