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NONLINEAR, HETEROGENEOUS AND MEDIATING EFFECTS OF INSTITUTIONAL OWNERSHIP ON ENTERPRISE INNOVATION: EVIDENCE FROM CHINESE LISTED ENTERPRISES (2022) Cui Z, Xiao Y, Li C Journal article LEAD USER IDENTIFICATION THROUGH TWITTER USING MICRO-BLOG DATA-A CASE STUDY IN THE AVIATION INDUSTRY (2022) Schulz S, Brem A, Gladysz B Journal article HOW CAN the LEAN STARTUP APPROACH IMPROVE the INNOVATION PROCESS of ESTABLISHED COMPANIES? AN EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH (2021) Scheuenstuhl F, Bican P, Brem A Journal article Sustainable innovation types: A bibliometric review (2021) Degler T, Agarwal N, Nylund PA, Brem A Journal article, Review article Critical success factors in the front end of innovation: Results from an empirical study (2020) Wagner S, Bican P, Brem A Journal article Increasing crowdfunding success through social media: The importance of reach and utilization in reward-based crowdfunding (2020) Clauß T, Niemand T, Kraus S, Schnetzer P, Brem A Journal article The effects of Customer Capital on Customer Response Speed and Innovativeness: the mediating role of Marketing Capability (2019) Jahanshahi AA, Nawaser K, Brem A Journal article Frugal & Reverse Innovation for Harnessing Emerging Markets Potential - the Case of a Danish MNC (2019) Agarwal N, Brem A, Dwivedi S Journal article Effectuation vs. Causation: Can established firms use Start-Up Decision-Making Principles to stay innovative? (2019) Henninger P, Brem A, Giones F, Bican P, Wimschneider C Journal article The Perception of Creativity through Multicultural Experience - Results from an empirical analysis (2019) Wimschneider C, Brem A Journal article
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