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Redundant Sensor-Based Perception Sensor Reliability Estimation from Field Tests without Reference Truth (2023) Kryda M, Qiu M, Berk M, Buschardt B, Straub D Journal article, Original article Active Fuelling of a Passenger Car Sized Pre-Chamber Ignition System with Gaseous Components of Gasoline (2020) Russwurm T, Schumacher M, Wensing M Journal article GDI Sprays with up to 200 MPa Fuel Pressure and Comparison of Diesel-like and Gasoline-Like Injector Designs (2020) Lehnert B, Conrad C, Wensing M Journal article Influence of Nozzle Geometry Parameters on the Propagation of Fuel Spray Investigated with Linear and Non-Linear Regression Models (2020) Conrad C, Wensing M Journal article A Fluid-Structure Interaction Scheme for Prediction of Flow-Induced Low Frequency Booming Noise (2018) Nusser K, Becker S, Mählmann S, Neitzsch T Journal article, Original article Modeling the Pilot Injection and the Ignition Process of a Dual Fuel Injector with Experimental Data from a Combustion Chamber Using Detailed Reaction Kinetics (2018) Frühhaber J, Peter A, Schuh S, Lauer T, Wensing M, Winter F, Priesching P, Pachler K Journal article Characterizing Spray Propagation of GDI Injectors under Crossflow Conditions (2018) Welß R, Bornschlegel S, Wensing M Journal article Efficient prediction of flow-induced sound sources and emission from a HVAC blower (2018) Grabinger J, Kaltenbacher M, Becker S, Zenger F Journal article, Original article Comparison of Shadowgraph Imaging, Laser-Doppler Anemometry and X-Ray Imaging for the Analysis of Near Nozzle Velocities of GDI Fuel Injectors (2017) Knorsch T, Mamaikin D, Leick P, Rogler P, Wang J, Li Z, Wensing M Journal article The Impact of a Combustion Chamber Optimization on the Mixture Formation and Combustion in a CNG-DI Engine in Stratified Operation (2017) Friedrich W, Grzeszik R, Lauschke P, Zelenov V, Wensing M Journal article
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