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Properties of dislocation lines in crystals with strong atomic-scale disorder (2019) Zhai J, Zaiser M Journal article, Original article The influence of niobium, tantalum and zirconium on the microstructure and creep strength of fully lamellar γ/α2 titanium aluminides (2019) Bresler J, Neumeier S, Ziener M, Pyczak F, Göken M Journal article, Original article Microstructure and compression strength of Co-based superalloys hardened by γ′ and carbide precipitation (2018) Carton-Cordero M, Campos M, Freund L, Kolb M, Neumeier S, Göken M, Torralba JM Journal article Laser Beam Melting and heat-treatment of 1.2343 (AISI H11) tool steel - microstructure and mechanical properties (2018) Huber F, Bischof C, Hentschel O, Heberle J, Zettl J, Nagulin KY, Schmidt M Journal article, Original article Layer architecture and fatigue life of ultrafine-grained laminated metal composites consisting of different aluminum alloys (2017) Kümmel F, Höppel HW, Göken M Journal article Crack nucleation and elastic / plastic deformation of TiAl alloys investigated by in-situ loaded atomic force microscopy (2017) Iqbal F, Pyczak F, Neumeier S, Göken M Journal article Understanding the Extremely Low Fracture Toughness of Freestanding Gold Thin Films by In-situ Bulge Testing in an AFM (2017) Preiß E, Merle B, Göken M Journal article, Original article Superior creep strength of a nickel-based super alloy produced by selective laser melting (2016) Pröbstle M, Neumeier S, Hopfenmüller J, Freund L, Niendorf T, Schwarze D, Göken M Journal article Improved creep strength of nickel-base superalloys by optimized γ/γ′ partitioning behavior of solid solution strengthening elements (2016) Pröbstle M, Neumeier S, Feldner P, Rettig R, Helmer H, Singer R, Göken M Journal article, Original article Interpretation of unloading tests on nanocrystalline Cu in terms of two mechanisms of deformation (2016) Blum W, Eisenlohr P, Hu J Journal article
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