IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence

Journal Abbreviation: IEEE T PATTERN ANAL
ISSN: 0162-8828
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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Differentiable Graph Module (DGM) for Graph Convolutional Networks (2023) Kazi A, Cosmo L, Ahmadi SA, Navab N, Bronstein MMM Journal article A Topological Loss Function for Deep-Learning Based Image Segmentation Using Persistent Homology (2022) Clough JR, Byrne N, Oksuz I, Zimmer VA, Schnabel JA, King AP Journal article Learn to Predict Sets Using Feed-Forward Neural Networks (2022) Rezatofighi H, Zhu T, Kaskman R, Motlagh FT, Shi JQ, Milan A, Cremers D, et al. Journal article Self-supervised Latent Space Optimization with Nebula Variational Coding (2022) Wang Y, Tan DJ, Navab N, Tombari F Journal article Differentially Private Graph Neural Networks for Whole-Graph Classification (2022) Mueller TT, Paetzold JC, Prabhakar C, Usynin D, Rueckert D, Kaissis G Journal article Forecasting People Trajectories and Head Poses by Jointly Reasoning on Tracklets and Vislets (2021) Hasan I, Setti F, Tsesmelis T, Amin S, Del Bue A, Cristani M, Galasso F, Belagiannis V Journal article Domain-Specific Priors and Meta Learning for Few-Shot First-Person Action Recognition (2021) Coskun H, Zia MZ, Tekin B, Bogo F, Navab N, Tombari F, Sawhney H Journal article Photometric Depth Super-Resolution (2020) Haefner B, Peng S, Verma A, Queau Y, Cremers D Journal article Generic Primitive Detection in Point Clouds Using Novel Minimal Quadric Fits (2020) Birdal T, Busam B, Navab N, Ilic S, Sturm P Journal article A Region-Based Gauss-Newton Approach to Real-Time Monocular Multiple Object Tracking (2019) Tjaden H, Schwanecke U, Schoemer E, Cremers D Journal article
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