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ISSN: 1092-4388
eISSN: 1558-9102
Publisher: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

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Influence of Perspective Distortion in Laryngoscopy (2023) Veltrup R, Kniesburges S, Semmler M Journal article Pixel-Based Swallow Measurements: Correcting Nonsquare Pixels (2023) Larsen D, Ikuma T, Neubig L, Kist A, Leonard R, McWhorter AJ, Kunduk M Journal article Adult Cochlear Implant Users Versus Typical Hearing Persons: An Automatic Analysis of Acoustic–Prosodic Parameters (2022) Arias-Vergara T, Batliner A, Rader T, Polterauer D, Högerle C, Müller J, Orozco-Arroyave JR, et al. Journal article The Relevance of Leisure Noise to Hearing Threshold Shifts: A Longitudinal Analysis Among Adolescents (2022) Walser-Reichenbach SM, Gerstner DG, Twardella D, Jenkac C, Weilnhammer V, Hendrowarsito L, Perez-Alvarez C, et al. Journal article A deep learning enhanced novel software tool for laryngeal dynamics analysis (2021) Kist A, Gómez P, Dubrovskiy D, Schlegel P, Kunduk M, Echternach M, Patel R, et al. Journal article, Original article Acoustic Breathiness Index for the Japanese-Speaking Population: Validation Study and Exploration of Affecting Factors (2019) Hosokawa K, von Latoszek BB, Ferrer Riesgo CA, Iwahashi T, Iwahashi M, Iwaki S, Kato C, et al. Journal article Collinearity and Sample Coverage Issues in the Objective Measurement of Vocal Quality: The Case of Roughness and Breathiness (2018) Ferrer Riesgo CA, Haderlein T, Maryn Y, de Bodt M, Nöth E Journal article, Original article Spatiotemporal analysis of high-speed videolaryngoscopic imaging of organic pathologies in males (2014) Bohr C, Kraeck A, Dubrovskiy D, Eysholdt U, Svec J, Psychogios G, Ziethe A, Döllinger M Journal article Characterizing vibratory kinematics in children and adults with high-speed digital imaging (2014) Patel R, Dubrovskiy D, Döllinger M Journal article Preliminary results on the influence of engineered artificial mucus layer on phonation (2014) Döllinger M, Gröhn F, Berry DA, Eysholdt U, Luegmair G Journal article