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Influence of surface structure and tube material on the condensation heat transfer coefficient of propane on horizontal single tubes and in tube bundles (2024) Kühl J, Jander JH, Piszko M, Freitag D, Dietl J, El Hajal J, Gotterbarm A, et al. Journal article, Original article Guarded Parallel-Plate Instrument for the Determination of the Thermal Conductivity of Gases, Liquids, Solids, and Heterogeneous Systems (2023) Bioucas F, Rausch MH, Koller TM, Fröba AP Journal article, Original article Effective thermal conductivity of microemulsions consisting of water micelles in n‐decane (2023) Bioucas F, Koller TM, Fröba AP Journal article, Original article Analysis of improved pulsating heat pipe designs for hot spot applications (2022) Schwarz F, Messmer P, Lodermeyer A, Danov V, Fleßner C, Becker S, Hellinger R Journal article Hollow spheres as inert packed bed from lean to rich combustion in porous media (2022) Fierro M, Gutierrez C, Jovicic V, Toledo M Journal article Numerical and experimental investigation of mixing enhancement in the passive planar mixer with bent baffles (2022) Yuan S, Jiang B, Jiang F, Drummer D, Zhou M Journal article Heat transfer modeling of non-boiling gas-liquid slug flow using a slug tracking approach (2021) Grigoleto MM, Lange Bassani C, Conte MG, Cozin C, Barbuto FA, Morales RE Journal article Experimental investigations on start-up and thermal performance of sodium heat pipe under swing conditions (2020) Teng W, Wang X, Zhu Y Journal article A conjugate heat transfer model for unconstrained melting of macroencapsulated phase change materials subjected to external convection (2020) Hummel D, Beer S, Hornung A Journal article Effect of wall stiffness, mass and potential interaction strength on heat transfer characteristics of nanoscale-confined gas (2020) Rabani R, Heidarinejad G, Harting J, Shirani E Journal article
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