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Analysis of a thermoelastic problem with the Moore–Gibson–Thompson microtemperatures (2024) Liverani L Journal article, Original article Convection dominated singularly perturbed problems on a metric graph (2023) Kumar V, Leugering G Journal article High-order integrators for Lagrangian systems on homogeneous spaces via nonholonomic mechanics (2023) Sato Martin de Almagro R Journal article Correctors and error estimates for reaction–diffusion processes through thin heterogeneous layers in case of homogenized equations with interface diffusion (2021) Gahn M, Jäger W, Neuss-Radu M Journal article A Fokker-Planck approach for probability distributions of species concentrations transported in heterogeneous media (2015) Suciu N, Radu AF, Attinger S, Schüler L, Knabner P Journal article, Original article A coupled finite element-global random walk approach to advection-dominated transport in porous media with random hydraulic conductivity (2013) Suciu N, Radu AF, Prechtel A, Brunner F, Knabner P Journal article, Original article Local path fitting: a new approach to variational integrators (2012) Kosmas O, Vlachos DS Journal article Adjoint-based optimal control using meshfree discretizations (2011) Marburger J, Marheineke N, Pinnau R Journal article, Original article Convergence analysis of non-conforming Trigonometric Finite Wave Elements (2009) Pflaum C, Berneker B Journal article, Original article Mixed finite elements for the Richards' equation: Linearization procedure (2004) Pop IS, Radu AF, Knabner P Journal article, Original article