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Influence of magnetic interactions in iron oxide nanoparticle polymer composites on magnetism and induction heating (2024) Raczka T, Wolf A, Reichstein J, Stauch C, Schug B, Müssig S, Mandel K Journal article, Original article Simulation and experimental validation of magnetic nanoparticle accumulation in a bloodstream mimicking flow system (2023) Reinelt M, Ahlfs J, Stein R, Alexiou C, Bänsch E, Friedrich RP, Lyer S, et al. Journal article Probing magnetic anisotropy in Kagome antiferromagnetic Mn3Ge with torque magnetometry (2022) Liu YS, Xiao H, Yu AB, Wu YF, Manna K, Felser C, Schneider CM, et al. Journal article Magnon transport in the presence of antisymmetric exchange in a weak antiferromagnet (2022) Ross A, Lebrun R, Gomonay O, Sinova J, Kay A, Grave DA, Rothschild A, Klaeui M Journal article Negatively charged magnetic nanoparticles pass the blood-placenta barrier under continuous flow conditions in a time-dependent manner (2021) Gresing LJ, Radon P, Friedrich RP, Zahn D, Raasch M, Mosig AS, Dutz S, et al. Journal article Cardiovascular applications of magnetic particles (2021) Cicha I, Alexiou C Journal article Sensing alterations of the local environment of 3d, 4d, and 4f central ions in polyoxopalladates with soft X-ray magnetic dichroisms (2020) Schmitz-Antoniak C, Izarova N, Stuckart M, Smekhova A, Schmitz D, Shams SF, Siemensmeyer K, et al. Journal article The challenge in realizing an exchange coupled BiFeO3-double perovskite bilayer (2020) Becker S, Heinz S, Vafaee M, Klaeui M, Jakob G Journal article Comprehensive accuracy examination of electrical power loss measurements of inductive components for frequencies up to 1 MHz (2019) Stolzke T, Ehrlich S, Joffe C, März M Journal article, Original article Facile synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles optimized towards high heating rates upon magnetic induction (2019) Muendlein M, Schug B, Wintzheimer S, Mandel K Journal article
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