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Scalar fields around a loop quantum gravity black hole in de Sitter spacetime: Quasinormal modes, late-time tails and strong cosmic censorship (2024) Shao CY, Zhang C, Zhang W, Shao CG Journal article Symmetry charges on reduced phase space and asymptotic flatness (2024) Han M, Huang Z, Tan H Journal article N -cutoff regularization for fields on hyperbolic space (2024) Banerjee R, Becker M, Ferrero R Journal article Reconstructing air shower parameters with MGMR3D (2023) Mitra P, Scholten O, Trinh TN, Buitink S, Bhavani J, Corstanje A, Desmet M, et al. Journal article Complex critical points in Lorentzian spinfoam quantum gravity: Four-simplex amplitude and effective dynamics on a double- Δ3 complex (2023) Han M, Liu H, Qu D Journal article Alleviating the H0 tension with new gravitational scalar tensor theories (2023) Banerjee S, Petronikolou M, Saridakis EN Journal article Measurement of atmospheric neutrino mixing with improved IceCube DeepCore calibration and data processing (2023) Abbasi R, Ackermann M, Adams J, Agarwalla SK, Aguilar JA, Ahlers M, Alameddine JM, et al. Journal article Light ring behind wormhole throat: Geodesics, images, and shadows (2023) Huang H, Kunz J, Yang J, Zhang C Journal article Gross-Neveu model with O (2)L× O (2)R chiral symmetry: Duality with Zakharov-Mikhailov model and large N solution (2023) Thies M Journal article Geometry of the black-to-white hole transition within a single asymptotic region (2023) Han M, Rovelli C, Soltani F Journal article