Technological Forecasting and Social Change

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Capabilities of digital servitization: Evidence from the socio-technical systems theory (2022) Münch C, Marx E, Benz L, Hartmann E, Matzner M Journal article Strategy tools in dynamic environments – An expert-panel study (2021) Rengarajan S, Moser R, Narayanamurthy G Journal article Potentials of blockchain technology in supply chain management: Long-term judgments of an international expert panel (2020) Kopyto M, Lechler S, von der Gracht HA, Hartmann E Journal article Making without fabrication: Do-it-yourself activities for IT security in an open lab (2020) Fritzsche A Journal article The future of ICT for health and ageing: Unveiling ethical and social issues through horizon scanning foresight (2020) Brem A Journal article Women Entrepreneurs as Agents of Change: A Comparative Analysis of Social Entrepreneurship Processes in Emerging Markets (2020) Rosca E, Agarwal N, Brem A Journal article How crowdfunding platforms change the nature of user innovation – from problem solving to entrepreneurship (2019) Brem A, Bilgram V, Marchuk A Journal article In crowdfunding we trust? Investigating crowdfunding success as a signal for enhancing trust in sustainable product features (2019) Wehnert P, Baccarella C, Beckmann M Journal article, Original article Towards a higher socio-economic impact through shared understanding of product requirements in emerging markets: The case of the Indian healthcare innovations (2018) Agarwal N, Brem A, Grottke M Journal article, Online publication The future and social impact of Big Data Analytics in Supply Chain Management: Results from a Delphi study (2018) Roßmann B, Canzaniello A, von der Gracht H, Hartmann E Journal article
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