Trees-Structure and Function

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Xylem formation patterns from Mediterranean to subalpine climate conditions reveal high growth plasticity of pine species on Corsica (2023) Häusser M, Aryal S, Barth J, Bendix J, Garel E, van Geldern R, Huneau F, et al. Journal article Precipitation dominates the growth of common hornbeam (Carpinus betulus L.) and stinking juniper (Juniperus foetidissima Willd) in Arasbaran forests of northwestern Iran (2023) Emaminasab M, Oladi R, Pourtahmasi K, Bräuning A, Shirvany A Journal article Vessel characterization and ring-width of a multipurpose agroforestry tree species (Garcinia kola.(Heckel)) and its relationship with climate in Nigeria (2023) Agwu OP, Gebrekirstos A, Ogana FN, Bräuning A Journal article Oxygen isotopes in tree rings of Cedrela odorata L. as an indicator of hydroclimate variations in a seasonally dry tropical forest in northeastern Brazil (2021) Pagotto MA, Nunes Menezes IR, Costa CM, Lisi CS, Bräuning A Journal article No evidence for carryover effect in tree rings based on a pulse-labelling experiment on Juniperus communis in South Germany (2020) He M, Bräuning A, Rossi S, Gebrekirstos A, Grießinger J, Mayr C, Peng C, Yang B Journal article Intra-annual stem radial increment patterns of Chinese pine, Helan Mountains, Northern Central China (2019) Gao J, Yang B, He M, Shishov V Journal article Trends in tree growth and intrinsic water-use efficiency in the tropics under elevated CO2 and climate change (2019) Rahman M, Islam M, Gebrekirstos A, Bräuning A Journal article, Review article Influence of climatic factors on tree growth in riparian forests in the humid and dry savannas of the Volta basin, Ghana (2016) Boakye EA, Gebrekirstos A, N’da Hyppolite D, Barnes VR, Kouamé FN, Kone D, Porembski S, Bräuning A Journal article, Original article Climate variability, tree increment patterns and ENSO-related carbon sequestration reduction of the tropical dry forest species Loxopterygium huasango of Southern Ecuador (2016) Spannl S, Volland F, Pucha Cofrep D, Peters T, Cueva E, Bräuning A Journal article, Original article Climatic forcing of xylem formation in Qilian juniper on the northeastern Tibetan Plateau (2016) He M, Yang B, Wang Z, Bräuning A, Pourtahmasi K, Oladi R Journal article, Original article
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