Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis

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An evolving space framework for Oseen equations on a moving domain (2023) Djurdjevac A, Gräser C, Herbert PJ Journal article A semismooth Newton method for implicitly constituted non-Newtonian fluids and its application to the numerical approximation of Bingham flow (2021) Gazca Orozco PA Journal article A semismooth newton method for implicitly constituted non-newtonian fluids and its application to the numerical approximation of bingham flow (2021) Gazca Orozco PA Journal article Phase-field dynamics with transfer of materials: The Cahn–Hillard equation with reaction rate dependent dynamic boundary conditions (2021) Knopf P, Lam KF, Liu C, Metzger S Journal article, Original article SIMULATION AND STRUCTURAL OPTIMIZATION OF 3D TIMOSHENKO BEAM NETWORKS BASED ON FULLY ANALYTIC NETWORK SOLUTIONS (2019) Kufner T, Leugering G, Semmler J, Stingl M, Strohmeyer C Journal article ON CONVERGENT SCHEMES FOR TWO-PHASE FLOW OF DILUTE POLYMERIC SOLUTIONS (2019) Metzger S Journal article Convergence analysis of a BDF2/mixed finite element discretization of a Darcy–Nernst–Planck–Poisson system (2017) Frank F, Knabner P Journal article, Original article PRECONDITIONERS FOR THE DISCONTINUOUS GALERKIN TIME-STEPPING METHOD OF ARBITRARY ORDER (2017) Bänsch E, Basting S Journal article, Original article Numerical aspects of large-time optimal control of Burgers equation (2016) Allahverdi N, Pozo A, Zuazua E Journal article Mathematical analysis of a discrete fracture model coupling Darcy flow in the matrix with Darcy-Forchheimer flow in the fracture (2014) Knabner P, Roberts JE Journal article, Original article