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Wear and corrosion behaviors of high-power laser surface-cleaned 304L stainless steel (2024) Park H, Jong Yoo H, Park C Journal article Effect of paint removal with kilowatt level nanosecond pulsed laser on microstructure and mechanical properties of stainless steel (2023) Yoo HJ, Park H, Kim JH, Park C Journal article Spot Arrays for Uniform Material Ablation with Ultrashort Pulsed Lasers (2023) Ackermann L, Gehring M, Roider C, Cvecek K, Schmidt M Journal article, other Physical properties and luminescence of highly stable erbium-doped antimony glasses for NIR broadband amplification (2022) Tioua B, Soltani MT, Khechekhouche A, Wondraczek L Journal article Laser-based additive manufacturing: Processes and materials (2021) Schmidt M, Dahotre NB, Bourell D, Toyserkani E Journal article Direct-indirect GeSn band structure formation by laser Radiation: The enhancement of Sn solubility in Ge (2020) Onufrijevs P, Scajev P, Medvids A, Andrulevicius M, Nargelas S, Malinauskas T, Stanionyte S, et al. Journal article Impact of build envelope on the properties of additive manufactured parts from AlSi10Mg (2019) Fiegl T, Franke M, Körner C Journal article, Original article Thermographic investigation of laser-induced temperature fields in selective laser beam melting of polymers (2019) Greiner S, Wudy K, Wörz A, Drummer D Journal article, Original article A Round Robin study for Selective Laser Sintering of polyamide 12: Microstructural origin of the mechanical properties (2017) Stichel T, Frick T, Laumer T, Tenner F, Hausotte T, Merklein M, Schmidt M Journal article Evaluation of process observation features for laser metal welding (2016) Tenner F, Klämpfl F, Nagulin K, Schmidt M Journal article