Brain Behavior and Immunity

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Prospective associations of technostress at work, burnout symptoms, hair cortisol, and chronic low-grade inflammation (2024) Kaltenegger HC, Marques MD, Becker L, Rohleder N, Nowak D, Wright BJ, Weigl M Journal article, Original article Emerging roles of leptin in Parkinson's disease: Chronic inflammation, neuroprotection and more? (2023) Regensburger M, Rasul Chaudhry S, Yasin H, Zhao Y, Stadlbauer A, Buchfelder M, Kinfe TM Journal article, Review article Attenuated transcriptional response to pro-inflammatory cytokines in schizophrenia hiPSC-derived neural progenitor cells (2022) Bhat A, Irizar H, Couch ACM, Raval P, Duarte RRR, Polit LD, Hanger B, et al. Journal article Commentary: Connecting cytokines to distress via cortisol concentrations (2021) Cipriani E, Kerr P, Longpré-Poirier C, Rohleder N, Juster RP Journal article Maternal immune activation during pregnancy impacts on brain structure and function in the adult offspring (2020) Kreitz S, Zambon A, Ronovsky M, Budinsky L, Helbich TH, Sideromenos S, Ivan CI, et al. Journal article Sensory contact to the stressor prevents recovery from structural and functional heart damage following psychosocial trauma (2019) Foertsch S, Lackner I, Weber B, Fuechsl AM, Langgartner D, Wirkert E, Peters S, et al. Journal article Stronger hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis habituation predicts lesser sensitization of inflammatory response to repeated acute stress exposures in healthy young adults (2017) Thoma M, Gianferante D, Hanlin L, Fiksdal A, Xuejie C, Rohleder N Journal article, Original article Acute psychosocial stress induces differential short-term changes in catecholamine sensitivity of stimulated inflammatory cytokine production (2015) Strahler J, Rohleder N, Wolf J Journal article Response and habituation of pro- and anti-inflammatory gene expression to repeated acute stress (2015) McInnis C, Wang D, Gianferante D, Hanlin L, Chen X, Thoma M, Rohleder N Journal article, Original article Hippocampal structure and function are maintained despite severe innate peripheral inflammation (2015) Süß P, Kalinichenko L, Baum W, Reichel M, Kornhuber J, Loskam S, Ettle B, et al. Journal article
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