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The Technological Transformation Process for Dynamic Capabilities in Business Operations (2024) Bodendorf F, Franke J Journal article Implications of Business Model Innovation Separation and Integration in Incumbent Firms (2023) Baccarella CV, Budischin E, Buliga O, Müller J, Voigt KI Journal article From Occasional to Active Crowdshippers: The Significance of Couriers’ Characteristics (2023) Bathke H, Münch C Journal article Small- and Medium-Sized Companies Tackling the Digital Transformation of Supply Chain Processes: Insights From a Multiple Case Study in the German Manufacturing Industry (2022) Birkel H, Wehrle M Journal article Implementing Vital Dynamic Capabilities to Succeed in Digital Transformation: A Multiple-Case Study in Maritime Container Shipping (2022) Wohlleber A, Bock M, Birkel H, Hartmann E Journal article Unblackboxing Smart Things—A Multilayer Taxonomy and Clusters of Nontechnical Smart Thing Characteristics (2022) Puschel LC, Roglinger M, Brandt R Journal article Technology Assessment Using Satellite Big Data Analytics for India's Agri-Insurance Sector (2022) Nagendra NP, Narayanamurthy G, Moser R, Hartmann E, Sengupta T Journal article Open Innovation Using Satellite Imagery for Initial Site Assessment of Solar Photovoltaic Projects (2022) Nagendra NP, Narayanamurthy G, Moser R, Singh A Journal article Building Resilience Through Foresight: The Case of Maritime Container Shipping Firms (2022) Bathke H, Münch C, von der Gracht HA, Hartmann E Journal article Crowdfunding for a Sustainable Future: A Systematic Literature Review (2021) Wehnert P, Beckmann M Journal article