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Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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A Framework for Mutual Information-based MIMO Integrated Sensing and Communication Beamforming Design (2024) Li J, Zhou G, Gong T, Liu N Journal article Performance Analysis of NOMA-RIS Aided Integrated Navigation and Communication (INAC) Networks (2023) Hou T, Li A Journal article IRS-Based Energy Efficiency and Admission Control Maximization for IoT Users with Short Packet Lengths (2023) Jalali J, Khalili A, Rezaei A, Berkvens R, Weyn M, Famaey J Journal article Massive Access in Extra Large-Scale MIMO With Mixed-ADC Over Near-Field Channels (2023) Mei Y, Gao Z, Mi D, Zhou M, Zheng D, Matthaiou M, Xiao P, Schober R Journal article Energy-Efficient Massive MIMO SWIPT-Enabled Systems (2022) Khodamoradi V, Sali A, Messadi O, Khalili A, Ali BBM Journal article Convexity Analysis of Nonlinear Wireless Power Transfer with Multiple RF Sources (2022) Yuan X, Hu Y, Schober R, Schmeink A Journal article On Efficient Non-Stationary Channel Emulation in Conductive Phase Matrix Setup for Massive MIMO Performance Testing (2022) Zhang G Journal article, Original article Channel Estimation and User Identification with Deep Learning for Massive Machine-Type Communications (2021) Liu B, Wei Z, Yuan W, Yuan J, Pajovic M Journal article Robust Energy-Efficient Transmission for Wireless-Powered D2D Communication Networks (2021) Zhang J, Zhang Y, Xiang L, Sun Y, Ng DWK, Jo M Journal article Hybrid MAP and PIC Detection for OTFS Modulation (2021) Li S, Yuan W, Wei Z, Yuan J, Bai B, Ng DWK, Xie Y Journal article
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