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Effect of elevated tool temperatures on the properties of high-strength aluminum alloys during tailor quench forming (TQF) (2022) Rigas N, Jäckisch M, Merklein M Journal article, Online publication Shear-clinching of the high-strength aluminum alloy AA7075 with laser-assisted retrogression (2022) Wiesenmayer S, Merklein M Journal article Numerical simulation of sheet metal forming of an Al-Mg alloy incorporating plane strain properties in the yield criterion (2022) Prakash V, Digavalli RK, Lenzen M, Hagenah H, Merklein M Journal article Analysis of the evolution of the Lankford coefficient in uniaxial tensile tests and validation with grain structure analysis (2022) Lenzen M, Merklein M Journal article Tool path generation for ultra-precision polishing of freeform optical surfaces in an off-axis three-mirror imaging system (2017) Huang D Journal article How to determine the influence of geometric deviations on elastic deformations and the structural performance? (2013) Schleich B, Wartzack S Journal article, Original article Dimensional metrology in the macroscopic range with sub-nanometre resolution (2013) Hausotte T, Vorbringer-Dorozhovets N, Shen JC, Manske E, Jäger G Journal article, Original article Tolerance analysis of systems in motion taking into account interactions between deviations (2013) Walter M, Sprügel T, Wartzack S Journal article, Review article Mechanical Properties and bending behaviour of metal foils (2008) Diehl A, Engel U, Geiger M Journal article Microforming of titanium - forming behaviour at elevated temperature (2008) Eichenhüller B, Engel U Journal article