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ISSN: 0740-3224
Publisher: Optical Society of America

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Optically induced antiferromagnetic order in dielectric metasurfaces with complex supercells (2023) Rahimzadegan A, Lepeshov S, Zhou W, Choi DY, Sautter J, Arslan D, Zou C, et al. Journal article Concept of enhanced frequency chirping for multi-pass cells to improve the pulse contrast (2023) Benner M, Karst M, Mendez CA, Stark H, Limpert J Journal article Optical signatures of the coupled spin-mechanics of a levitated magnetic microparticle (2021) Wachter V, Bittencourt VASV, Xie S, Sharma S, Joly N, Russell PSJ, Marquardt F, Viola Kusminskiy S Journal article Frenet–Serret analysis of helical Bloch modes in N-fold rotationally symmetric rings of coupled spiraling optical waveguides (2021) Chen Y, Russell PSJ Journal article Periodic poling with a micrometer-range period in thin-film lithium niobate on insulator (2021) Younesi M, Geiss R, Rajaee S, Setzpfandt F, Chen YH, Pertsch T Journal article Sub-40 fs pulses at 1.8 mu m and MHz repetition rates by chirp-assisted Raman scattering in hydrogen-filled hollow-core fiber (2020) Loranger S, Russell PSJ, Novoa D Journal article Polarization ray tracing in thermally loaded solid-state laser crystals (2020) Rall PL, Pflaum C Journal article, Report Excitation of E1-forbidden atomic transitions with electric, magnetic, or mixed multipolarity in light fields carrying orbital and spin angular momentum [Invited] (2019) Solyanik-Gorgone M, Afanasev A, Carlson CE, Schmiegelow CT, Schmidt-Kaler F Journal article Numerical simulation of short laser pulse amplification (2019) Springer R, Alexeev I, Heberle J, Pflaum C Journal article Collective effects and coupling phenomena in resonant optical metasurfaces: Introduction (2019) Babicheva V, Staude I, Gerard D Journal article