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Structure and properties of cerium phosphate and silicophosphate glasses (2023) Xia Y, Calahoo C, Rodrigues BP, Griebenow K, Graewe L, Wondraczek L Journal article Fabrication of functional zirconia surfaces using a two-beam interference setup employing a picosecond laser system with 532-nm wavelength: Morphology, microstructure, and wettability (2023) Henriques B, Fabris D, Voisiat B, Boccaccini AR, Lasagni AF Journal article Reply to Quinn GD, Salem JA, Swab JJ. Comment On: Lubauer J, Lohbauer U, Henrich M, Munz M, Lube T, Belli R. Intricacies involving the evaluation of fracture toughness obtained by the surface-crack-in-flexure method. J Am Ceram Soc. 2022;105(12):7582-7599. (2023) Belli R, Lubauer J, Lohbauer U, Henrich M, Munz M, Lube T Journal article, Letter Second-harmonic generation and structural rearrangements in multicomponent antimonite glasses by electrothermal poling (2023) Topper B, Tagiara NSS, Palles D, Lind F, Baazouzi M, Soltani MT, Wondraczek L, et al. Journal article Temperature- and stress-dependent electromechanical properties of phase-boundary-engineered KNN-based piezoceramics (2022) Gadelmawla A, Eckstein U, Rieß K, Liu YX, Wang K, Li JF, Kakimoto KI, et al. Journal article Cation speciation, compactness, and structure-property correlations in manganese aluminosilicate glasses (2022) So B, Ding Y, Limbach R, Pyo JY, De Macedo GNBM, Li K, Friebe C, et al. Journal article Tunable broadband photoluminescence from bismuth-doped calcium aluminum germanate glasses prepared in oxidizing atmosphere (2022) Cao J, Ding Y, Limbach R, Nozari V, Sajzew R, Sun M, Zhang P, Wondraczek L Journal article Intense broadband photoemission from Bi-doped ZrO2 embedded in vitreous aluminoborate via direct melt-quenching (2022) Cao J, Reupert A, Ding Y, Wondraczek L Journal article Temperature-induced changes of the electrical and mechanical properties of aerosol-deposited BaTiO3 thick films for energy storage applications (2022) Zhuo F, Eckstein U, Khansur NH, Dietz C, Urushihara D, Asaka T, Kakimoto KI, et al. Journal article Growth of tungsten bronze phase out of niobate perovskite phase for opto-ferroelectric applications (2022) Bai Y, Prucker C, Khansur NH Journal article