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Initial experience with a next-generation low-field MRI scanner: Potential for breast imaging? (2024) Dietzel M, Laun FB, Heiß R, Wenkel E, Bickelhaupt S, Hack C, Uder M, Ohlmeyer S Journal article Added value of clinical decision rules for the management of enhancing breast MRI lesions: A systematic comparison of the Kaiser score and the Göttingen score (2023) Dietzel M, Bernathova M, Clauser P, Kapetas P, Uder M, Baltzer PA Journal article Personalization of thoracoabdominal CT examinations using scanner integrated clinical decision support systems – Impact on the acquisition technique, scan range, and reconstruction type (2023) Daniel S, Kopp M, Vollbrecht T, Zeilinger M, Fitz T, Muttke A, Feuerlein U, et al. Journal article Fully automated AI-based cardiac motion parameter extraction – application to mitral and tricuspid valves on long-axis cine MR images (2023) Yoon SS, Fischer C, Amsel D, Monzon M, Toupin S, Pezel T, Garot J, et al. Journal article Comparison of vestibular schwannoma visualization between 0.55 T and 1.5 T MRI (2023) Wiesmüller M, Kopp M, Sievert M, May M, Nagel AM, Iro H, Uder M, Heiß R Journal article Ultra-high resolution photon-counting coronary CT angiography improves coronary stenosis quantification over a wide range of heart rates – A dynamic phantom study (2023) Zsarnoczay E, Fink N, Schoepf UJ, O'Doherty J, Allmendinger T, Hagenauer J, Wolf EV, et al. Journal article Spiral breast computed tomography with a photon-counting detector (SBCT): The future of breast imaging? (2022) Wetzl M, Dietzel M, Ohlmeyer S, Uder M, Wenkel E Journal article Effects of video-based patient preparation for MRI on clinical processes and patient experience. (2022) Madl J, Janka RM, Bay S, Sturmbauer S, Rohleder N Journal article Selection of patients with rectal cancer for neoadjuvant therapy using pre-therapeutic MRI-Results from OCUM trial (2022) Stelzner S, Ruppert R, Kube R, Strassburg J, Lewin A, Baral J, Maurer CA, et al. Journal article Potential of spiral breast computed tomography to increase patient comfort compared to DM (2021) Wetzl M, Wenkel E, Dietzel M, Siegler L, Emons J, Dethlefsen E, Heindl F, et al. Journal article