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A Genuine Trivalent Bis-Acylphosphide (BAP) Complex of Uranium (2024) Hochholzer J, Waldschmidt P, Heinemann FW, Grützmacher H, Meyer K Journal article Diverse Reactivity of a Ca(I) Synthon (2023) Mai J, Rösch B, Langer J, Grams S, Morasch M, Harder S Journal article Electroactive Prussian Blue Analogues/TiO2 Nanocomposites Obtained through SILAR Assembly in Mesoporous Nanoarchitectures (2023) Vensaus P, Caraballo RM, Tritto E, Fernández CC, Angelomé PC, Fuertes MC, Williams FJ, et al. Journal article Single- vs Double-Decker Copper 12-MC-4 Metallacrown Using the Coordination Flexibility of a Soft Donor Ligand (2022) Gamer C, Sundaresan S, Carrella LM, Rentschler E Journal article Unravelling the Mystery: Enlightenment of the Uncommon Electrochemistry of Naphthalene Monoimide [FeFe] Hydrogenase Mimics (2022) Benndorf S, Hofmeister E, Waechtler M, Goerls H, Liebing P, Peneva K, Gräfe S, et al. Journal article Main Group Catalysis (2022) Inoue S, Melen RL, Harder S Journal article Tandem Pauson-Khand Reaction Using Carbon Dioxide as the C1-Source (2022) Shyshkanov S, Vasilyev D, Abhyankar KA, Stylianou KC, Dyson PJ Journal article Interconversion of tetrahedral [(M)(4)boolean AND{Mg-4(L-1)(6)}]/[In-4(L-2)(4)] and cyclic [In6Cl6(L-3)(6)]. Enantiotopization of diastereotopic protons monitored by means of VT H-1 NMR spectroscopy (2021) Bauer W, Maid H, Saalfrank RW Journal article, Review article Single Molecule Magnet Features in the Butterfly [CoIII2LnIII2] Pivalate Family with Alcohol-Amine Ligands (2021) Funes A, Perfetti M, Kern M, Russegger N, Carrella L, Rentschler E, Van Slageren J, Albores P Journal article Can Particulate Matter and Nano Metal Oxide Particles Affect the Redox Cycling of Nitrosylcobalamin in Weakly Acidic Aqueous Solution? (2021) Polaczek J, Stochel G, van Eldik R Journal article