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Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

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Performance of conical abutment (Morse Taper) connection implants: A systematic review (2014) Schmitt CM, Nogueira-Filho G, Tenenbaum HC, Lai JY, Brito C, Döring H, Nonhoff J Journal article Reticulated bioactive scaffolds with improved textural properties for bone tissue engineering: Nanostructured surfaces and porosity (2013) Ramiro-Gutiérrez ML, Will J, Boccaccini AR, Díaz-Cuenca A Journal article Effects of Cu-doped 45S5 bioactive glass on the lipid peroxidation-associated growth of human osteoblast-like cells in vitro (2013) Milkovic L, Hoppe A, Detsch R, Boccaccini AR, Zarkovic N Journal article Neocellularization and neovascularization of nanosized bioactive glass-coated decellularized trabecular bone scaffolds (2013) Gerhardt LC, Widdows KL, Erol MM, Nandakumar A, Roqan IS, Ansari T, Boccaccini AR Journal article In vitro evaluation of 45S5 Bioglass-derived glass-ceramic scaffolds coated with carbon nanotubes (2011) Meng D, Rath SN, Mordan N, Salih V, Kneser U, Boccaccini AR Journal article Biofunctionalization of dispense-plotted hydroxyapatite scaffolds with peptides: Quantification and cellular response (2010) Detsch R Journal article, Original article In vivo performance of selective electron beam-melted Ti-6Al-4V structures (2010) Ponader S, von Wilmowsky C, Widenmayer M, Lutz R, Heinl P, Körner C, Singer R, et al. Journal article, Original article Surface functionalization of bioactive glasses (2009) Boccaccini AR Journal article Effects of topographical surface modifications of electron beam melted Ti-6Al-4V titanium on human fetal osteoblasts (2008) Ponader S, Vairaktaris E, Heinl P, von Wilmowsky C, Rottmair A, Körner C, Singer R, et al. Journal article, Original article Collagen release kinetics of surface functionalized 4555 Bioglass (R)-based porous scaffolds (2008) Boccaccini AR Journal article
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