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Publisher: Laser Institute of America

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Influence of material thickness and hatching strategies on laser cutting of epoxy mold composites (2024) Kohl J, Will T, Klier T, Müller L, Goth C Journal article Tailoring Material Properties of Duplex Stainless Steel by DED-LB/M and In-situ Alloying with Elemental Powders (2023) Maier A, Rühr M, Stephan M, Frankl S, Roth S, Schmidt M Journal article Laser welding of different pure copper materials under consideration of shielding gas influence and impact on quality relevant surface topographical features (2023) Will T, Kohl J, Hoelbling C, Mueller L, Schmidt M Journal article Influence of superimposed intensity distributions on weld seam quality and spatter behavior during laser beam welding of copper with green laser radiation (2022) Kaufmann F, Maier A, Schrauder J, Schmidt M, Roth S Journal article Expanding the capabilities of laser-based powder bed fusion of polymers through the use of electrophotographic powder application (2022) Kopp SP, Medvedev V, Frick T, Roth S Journal article Features for image processing of OCT images for seam tracking applications in laser welding (2022) Will T, Eschner E, Schmidt M Journal article Influence of plume attenuation under high power laser welding of copper using visible wavelengths (2021) Ermer J, Maier A, Schmidt M, Kaufmann F, Roth S Journal article Consolidation of thermoplastic coatings by means of a thulium-doped fiber laser (2021) Wittmann A, Heberle J, Huber F, Schmidt M Journal article, Original article Prediction of surface roughness of laser selective metallization of ceramics by multiple linear regression and artificial neural networks approaches (2020) Wang L, Silva L, Süß-Wolf R, Franke J Journal article On the influence of TiB2, TiC, and TiN hard particles on the microstructure of localized laser dispersed AISI D2 tool steel surfaces (2020) Spranger F, Schirdewahn S, Kromm A, Merklein M, Hilgenberg K Journal article
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