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Extended Multimodal Flat Detector CT Imaging in Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Pilot Study (2023) Hölter P, Lang S, Beuscher V, Kallmünzer B, Manhart M, Schwab S, Dörfler A Journal article Iodine Images in Dual-energy CT: Detection of Hepatic Steatosis by Quantitative Iodine Concentration Values (2022) Beck S, Jahn L, Deniffel D, Riederer I, Sauter A, Makowski MR, Pfeiffer D Journal article Automated Protocoling for MRI Exams-Challenges and Solutions (2022) Denck J, Haas O, Guehring J, Maier A, Rothgang E Journal article An Automated Deep Learning Method for Tile AO/OTA Pelvic Fracture Severity Grading from Trauma whole-Body CT (2021) Dreizin D, Goldmann F, LeBedis C, Boscak A, Dattwyler M, Bodanapally U, Li G, et al. Journal article Hardware Failure Prediction on Imbalanced Times Series Data: Generation of Artificial Data Using Gaussian Process and Applying LSTMFCN to Predict Broken Hardware (2021) Rücker N, Pflueger L, Maier A Journal article Automated Billing Code Retrieval from MRI Scanner Log Data (2019) Denck J, Landschütz W, Nairz K, Heverhagen JT, Maier A, Rothgang E Journal article Development and Evaluation of a Semi-automated Segmentation Tool and a Modified Ellipsoid Formula for Volumetric Analysis of the Kidney in Non-contrast T2-Weighted MR Images (2017) Seuß H, Janka RM, Pruemmer M, Hammon R, Theis R, Sandmair M, Amann KU, et al. Journal article Mobile Image Interpretation: Diagnostic Performance of CT Exams Displayed on a Tablet Computer in Detecting Abdominopelvic Hemorrhage (2015) Schlechtweg P, Kammerer FJ, Seuß H, Uder M, Hammon M Journal article iPad-based patient briefing for radiological examinations-a clinical trial (2014) Schlechtweg P, Hammon M, Giese DA, Heberlein C, Uder M, Schwab S Journal article MyCases-a portable application for radiologic case collections (2014) Kammerer FJ, Janka RM, Kramer M, Hammon M, Uder M, Schlechtweg P Journal article