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Convergences and divergences in sustainable entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship research: A systematic review and research agenda (2024) Bonfanti A, De Crescenzo V, Simeoni F, Loza Adaui CR Journal article Mission statements and financial and sustainability performance: An exploratory study of Benefit Corporations certified as B Corps (2023) Mion G, Loza Adau CR, Bonfanti A, De Crescenzo V Journal article Multifaceted and even contradictory? Impulses to push efficiency and innovativeness and the dynamic role of ambiguity in context of a German university (2022) Krause-Söhner E, Roth A, Schaller C Journal article Increasing global supply chains’ resilience after the COVID-19 pandemic: Empirical results from a Delphi study (2022) Gebhardt M, Spieske A, Kopyto M, Birkel H Journal article Data strategies for global value chains: Hybridization of small and big data in the aftermath of COVID-19 (2022) Rengarajan S, Narayanamurthy G, Moser R, Pereira V Journal article Toward a new era of cooperation: How industrial digital platforms transform business models in Industry 4.0 (2022) Veile J, Schmidt MC, Voigt KI Journal article The impact of the 2008 financial crisis on innovation: A dominant design perspective (2020) Brem A, Nylund P, Viardot E Journal article From donation-based NPO to social enterprise: A journey of transformation through business-model innovation. (2020) Reficco E, Layrisse Villamizar F, Barrios A Journal article Market driving at Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP): An analysis of social enterprises from the healthcare sector (2018) Agarwal N, Chakrabarti R, Brem A, Bocken N Journal article, Original article The networking behavior of Indian executives under environmental uncertainty abroad: An exploratory analysis (2018) Srivastava M, Moser R, Hartmann E Journal article, Original article