International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications

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Publisher: SAGE Publications (UK and US)

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Large-Scale direct numerical simulations of turbulence using GPUs and modern Fortran (2023) Karp M, Massaro D, Jansson N, Hart A, Wahlgren J, Schlatter P, Markidis S Journal article Resiliency in numerical algorithm design for extreme scale simulations (2021) Agullo E, Altenbernd M, Anzt H, Bautista-Gomez L, Benacchio T, Bonaventura L, Bungartz HJ, et al. Journal article, Report Highly efficient lattice Boltzmann multiphase simulations of immiscible fluids at high-density ratios on CPUs and GPUs through code generation (2021) Holzer M, Bauer M, Köstler H, Rüde U Journal article Analytic performance modeling and analysis of detailed neuron simulations (2020) Cremonesi F, Hager G, Wellein G, Schuermann F Journal article Performance engineering for real and complex tall & skinny matrix multiplication kernels on GPUs (2020) Ernst D, Hager G, Thies J, Wellein G Journal article A domain-specific language and matrix-free stencil code for investigating electronic properties of Dirac and topological materials (2020) Pieper A, Hager G, Fehske H Journal article Energy efficiency of nonlinear domain decomposition methods (2020) Klawonn A, Lanser M, Rheinbach O, Wellein G, Wittmann M Journal article Harnessing billions of tasks for a scalable portable hydrodynamic simulation of the merger of two stars (2019) Heller T, Lelbach BA, Huck KA, Biddiscombe J, Grubel P, Koniges AE, Kretz M, et al. Journal article Adaptive control in roll-forward recovery for extreme scale multigrid (2018) Huber M, Rüde U, Wohlmuth BI Journal article Optimization and performance evaluation of the IDR iterative Krylov solver on GPUs (2018) Anzt H, Kreutzer M, Ponce E, Peterson GD, Wellein G, Dongarra J Journal article