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Crustal Contamination of the Mantle-Derived Liuyuan Basalts: Implications for the Permian Evolution of the Southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt (2022) Yu Y, Zong K, Yuan Y, Klemd R, Wang XS, Guo J, Xu R, et al. Journal article Zircon Ages of Metasedimentary Rocks in the Wuwamen Ophiolitic Mélange, Chinese South Tianshan: Implications for the Paleozoic Subduction-Accretion in the Southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt (2022) Wang XS, Yang F, Klemd R, Jiang T, Gao J Journal article Roadian-Wordian (Middle Permian) Conodont Biostratigraphy, Sedimentary Facies and Paleotemperature Evolution at the Shuixiakou Section, Xikou Area, Southeastern Qinling Region, China (2021) Wu B, Li H, Joachimski M, Wignall PB, Jiang H, Yan J, Wang L, et al. Journal article Lithological and structural control of Hattian Bala rock avalanche triggered by the Kashmir earthquake 2005, sub-Himalayas, northern Pakistan (2012) Basharat M, Ehret D, Baig MS, Rohn J Journal article, Original article Landslide reliability analysis based on transfer coefficient method: A case study from Three Gorges Reservoir (2012) Bi R, Ehret D, Xiang W, Schleier M, Jiang J, Rohn J Journal article, Original article Carbon isotope development in the Ordovician of the Yangtze Gorges region (South China) and its implication for stratigraphic correlation and paleoenvironmental change (2010) Zhang Y, Cheng J, Munnecke A, Zhou C Journal article, Original article Frequency Ratio Analysis of Mass Movements in the Xiangxi Catchment, Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China (2010) Ehret D, Rohn J, Dumperth C, Eckstein S, Ernstberger S, Otte K, Rudolph R, et al. Journal article Numerical Modelling of Seismic Site Effects Incorporating Non-linearity and Groundwater Level Changes (2010) Ehret D, Rohn J, Hannich D, Grandas C, Huber G Journal article