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Publisher: SAGE Publications (UK and US)

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Quantifying extinction imaging of fuel sprays considering scattering errors (2023) Lehnert B, Weiß L, Berrocal E, Wensing M Journal article Hierarchical model predictive control for an off-highway Diesel engine with SCR catalyst (2023) Harder K, Niemeyer J, Remele J, Graichen K Journal article Investigations on an active pre-chamber ignition system in a combustion chamber (2022) Russwurm T, Peter A, Strauß L, Rieß S, Wensing M Journal article Highly time-resolved heat flux measurement in a combustion engine (2022) Huber K, Gackstatter F, Roediger T, Wensing M Journal article The effect of transient needle lift on the internal flow and near-nozzle spray characteristics for modern GDI systems investigated by high-speed X-ray imaging (2021) Mamaikin D, Knorsch T, Rogler P, Wang J, Wensing M Journal article The influence of superheated injection on liquid and gaseous flow field of an experimental single-hole gasoline direct injection injector (2019) Bornschlegel S, Conrad C, Durst A, Welß R, Wensing M, Olbinado M, Helfen L, Baumbach T Journal article Air entrainment and mixture distribution in Diesel sprays investigated by optical measurement techniques (2018) Rieß S, Weiß L, Peter A, Rezaei J, Wensing M Journal article Multi-hole gasoline direct injection: In-nozzle flow and primary breakup investigated in transparent nozzlesand with X-ray (2017) Bornschlegel S, Conrad C, Durst A, Wang J, Wensing M Journal article Flashboiling-induced targeting changes in gasoline direct injection sprays (2016) Kraemer M, Kull E, Wensing M Journal article Transition of diesel spray to a supercritical state under engine conditions (2016) Wensing M, Vogel T, Goetz G Journal article