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Spliceosome malfunction causes neurodevelopmental disorders with overlapping features (2024) Li D, Wang Q, Bayat A, Battig MR, Zhou Y, Bosch DG, van Haaften G, et al. Journal article CERT1 mutations perturb human development by disrupting sphingolipid homeostasis (2023) Gehin C, Lone MA, Lee W, Capolupo L, Ho S, Adeyemi AM, Gerkes EH, et al. Journal article Single-cell RNA sequencing and spatial transcriptomics reveal cancer-associated fibroblasts in glioblastoma with protumoral effects (2023) Jain S, Rick JW, Joshi RS, Beniwal A, Spatz J, Gill S, Chang ACC, et al. Journal article SLC26A1 is a major determinant of sulfate homeostasis in humans (2023) Pfau A, López-Cayuqueo KI, Scherer N, Wuttke M, Wernstedt A, González Fassrainer D, Smith DE, et al. Journal article Bitter taste signaling in tracheal epithelial brush cells elicits innate immune responses to bacterial infection (2022) Hollenhorst MI, Nandigama R, Evers SB, Gamayun I, Wadood NA, Salah A, Pieper M, et al. Journal article Loss of the collagen IV modifier prolyl 3-hydroxylase 2 causes thin basement membrane nephropathy (2022) Aypek H, Krisp C, Lu S, Liu S, Kylies D, Kretz O, Wu G, et al. Journal article Metabolic imbalance of T cells in COVID-19 is hallmarked by basigin and mitigated by dexamethasone (2021) Siska PJ, Decking SM, Babl N, Matos C, Bruss C, Singer K, Klitzke J, et al. Journal article IL-1β–driven osteoclastogenic Tregs accelerate bone erosion in arthritis (2021) Levescot A, Chang MH, Schnell J, Nelson-Maney N, Yan J, Martínez-Bonet M, Grieshaber-Bouyer R, et al. Journal article Basophils balance healing after myocardial infarction via IL-4/IL-13 (2021) Sicklinger F, Meyer IS, Li X, Radtke D, Dicks S, Kornadt MP, Mertens C, et al. Journal article Gut-brain communication and obesity: understanding functions of the vagus nerve (2021) Berthoud HR, Albaugh VL, Neuhuber W Journal article, Review article