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Zebra dolomites of the Spessart, Germany: implications for hydrothermal systems of the European Zechstein Basin (2023) Kelka U, Beaudoin NE, Lorenz J, Köhn D, Regenauer-Lieb K, Boyce A, Chung P Journal article Regional mudstone compaction trends in the Vienna Basin: top seal assessment and implications for uplift history (2023) Skerbisch L, Misch D, Drews M, Stollhofen H, Sachsenhofer RF, Arnberger K, Schuller V, Zamolyi A Journal article Magmatic evolution of the migrating central Urumieh–Dokhtar arc, Iran: implications for magma production (2023) Babazadeh S, Haase K, Ghalamghash J, Regelous M, Poujol M, Raeisi D, Zhao M Journal article The Upper Jurassic Garedu Red Bed Formation of the northern Tabas Block: elucidating Late Cimmerian tectonics in east-Central Iran (2021) Wilmsen M, Fürsich F, Seyed-Emami K, Majidifard MR Journal article Late Neoproterozoic-to-recent long-term t-T-evolution of the Kaoko and Damara belts in NW Namibia (2020) Salomon E Journal article Subsurface granites in the Franconian Basin as the source of enhanced geothermal gradients: a key study from gravity and thermal modeling of the Bayreuth Granite (2019) de Wall H, Schaarschmidt A, Kämmlein M, Gabriel G, Bestmann M, Scharfenberg L Journal article Upper crustal fluids in a large fault system: microstructural, trace element and oxygen isotope study on multi-phase vein quartz at the Bavarian Pfahl, SE Germany (2018) Schaarschmidt A, Haase K, de Wall H, Bestmann M, Krumm S, Regelous M Journal article The timing of metamorphism in the Odenwald–Spessart basement, Mid-German Crystalline Zone (2017) Will TM, Schulz B, Schmädicke E Journal article, Original article Comment on Maravelis et al. “Accretionary prism–forearc interactions as reflected in the sedimentary fill of southern Thrace Basin (Lemnos Island, NE Greece)” (2017) Caracciolo L Journal article, Original article The Rhodope Zone as a primary sediment source of the southern Thrace basin (NE Greece and NW Turkey): evidence from detrital heavy minerals and implications for central-eastern Mediterranean palaeogeography (2015) Caracciolo L Journal article, Original article
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