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Publisher: Royal Meteorological Society

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A new approach to classification of 40 years of Antarctic sea ice concentration data (2020) Wachter P, Reiser F, Friedl P, Jacobeit J Journal article Evaluation of homogenization methods for seasonal snow depth data in the Austrian Alps, 1930–2010 (2019) Marcolini G, Koch R, Chimani B, Schöner W, Bellin A, Disse M, Chiogna G Journal article Observed and simulated Indian Ocean Dipole activity since the mid-19th century and its relation to East African short rains (2019) Thielke A, Mölg T Journal article Performance of the Standard Normal Homogeneity Test for the homogenization of mean seasonal snow depth time series (2017) Marcolini G, Bellin A, Chiogna G Journal article Tree-ring based reconstruction of the joint deficit index in Javan-Roud Region, Kermanshah (Iran) (2016) Nadi M, Bazrafshan J, Pourtahmasi K, Bräuning A Journal article, Original article Dendroclimatic reconstruction of May–June maximum temperatures in the central Zagros Mountains, western Iran (2015) Arsalani M, Azizi G, Bräuning A Journal article Spatial and temporal temperature trends on the Yunnan Plateau (Southwest China) during 1961–2004 (2011) Fan ZX, Bräuning A, Thomas A, Li JB, Cao KF Journal article Rainfall history for the Hexi Corridor in the arid northwest China during the past 620 years derived from tree rings. (2011) Yang B, Qin C, Bräuning A, Burchardt I, Jingjing L Journal article Annual temperature history in Southwest Tibet during the last 400 years recorded by tree rings. (2010) Yang B, Kang X, Jingjing L, Bräuning A, Qin C Journal article, Original article Tree-ring based drought reconstruction in the central Hengduan Mountains region (China) since A.D. 1655 (2008) Fan ZX, Bräuning A, Cao KF Journal article