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Publisher: Elsevier

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Optimization of the porous material described by the Biot model (2019) Hübner D, Rohan E, Lukes V, Stingl M Journal article, Original article Designing tunable composites with general interfaces (2019) Saeb S, Steinmann P, Javili A Journal article Size and disorder effects in elasticity of cellular structures: From discrete models to continuum representations (2018) Liebenstein S, Sandfeld S, Zaiser M Journal article, Original article Aspects of computational homogenization in magneto-mechanics: Boundary conditions, RVE size and microstructure composition (2018) Zabihyan R, Mergheim J, Javili A, Steinmann P Journal article Towards a thermo-magneto-mechanical coupling framework for magneto-rheological elastomers (2017) Mehnert M, Mokarram H, Steinmann P Journal article On the influence of inhomogeneous stiffness and growth on mechanical instabilities in the developing brain (2017) Budday S, Steinmann P Journal article, Original article Geometry: The leading parameter for the Poisson's ratio of bending-dominated cellular solids (2016) Mitschke H, Schury F, Mecke K, Wein F, Stingl M, Schroder-Turk GE Journal article A thermo-mechanical cohesive zone model accounting for mechanically energetic Kapitza interfaces (2016) Esmaeili A, Javili A, Steinmann P Journal article, Original article A multi-scale approach to model the curing process in magneto-sensitive polymeric materials (2015) Mokarram H, Chatzigeorgiou G, Meraghni F, Steinmann P Journal article Modelling the mechanical aspects of the curing process of magneto-sensitive elastomeric materials (2015) Mokarram H, Saxena P, Steinmann P Journal article
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